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I hold a pivotal role in steering the legal trajectory of our organization. My responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum of legal affairs, ranging from intricately negotiating and structuring complex agreements with landowners, suppliers, and government entities, to safeguarding the company's interests by ensuring compliance with an evolving web of environmental regulations and permitting processes.




Responsible for MIRE's external Attorneys (H&K) and others. Works directly with landowners' lawyers and is responsible for all agreements, land purchase options and all compliance with authorities.


- Experience in the energy sector since 2010, has worked in the public sector for the legal affairs unit of the Federal Energy Ministry.

- Since 2014 he has worked in the private sector being the partner of the law firm SLC Abogados in energy matters.

- Since 2015 he is founding partner and General Counsel/ Chief Legal Officer of Mire Solar S.A. de C.V., participating in the first long term auctions in the Mexican market and awarding projects in the first and second auctions.

- In 2020 our subsidiary was incorporated in the state of Texas, USA, being alsothe General Counsel/ Chief Legal Officer of MIRE SOLAR LLC. company developer of solar energy generation projects.


Bachelor in Laws – Universidad Anáhuac (2000)

Masters in Tax Law (2001)

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