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As the Project Origination Director at Mire Solar, I lead efforts to drive our mission of revolutionizing renewable energy through large-scale solar farms. My role involves identifying and initiating high-potential solar projects, conducting feasibility studies, and building key relationships. I also navigate regulatory challenges, collaborate with engineering and finance teams, and monitor industry trends to enhance our solar farm development. Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to the global transition to clean energy and ensure the success of our sustainable projects.




- Prospect for New Projects: Identify and evaluate large-scale solar project development opportunities in different geographic locations.

- Feasibility Analysis: Land Lease: Handle land acquisition and land use rights for solar energy projects.

- Negotiation of Agreements: Negotiate agreements with landowners, local governments and other stakeholders to secure access to necessary resources and permits.

- Portfolio Management: Manage and maintain a portfolio of projects in different stages of development.

- Market Research: Keep abreast of solar market trends and evolving government policies related to renewable energy.

-Environmental Impact Assessment: Coordinate environmental impact assessments and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

- Proposal Presentation: Prepare and present project proposals to senior management and potential investors.

- Strategic Contribution: Contribute to the company's growth strategy by identifying key opportunities.


20+ years’ experience in sustainability, planning and business management applied to the public and private sectors, as well as architectural development and big scale project management.


Physics – 1995-1997 – U.N.A.M.
Architecture – 1996-2001 – U.N.A.M.
Sustainability Technology and Materials Lab – 2000 – 2002 –


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