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I hold a pivotal role in steering the company's vision, strategy, and overall growth. My leadership is centered around driving innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. I am responsible for setting and achieving ambitious business objectives, overseeing project development from conception to operation, and cultivating strategic partnerships with stakeholders, investors, and communities. Through effective decision-making and resource allocation, I ensure optimal project execution, operational efficiency, and financial success.




PPAs, Sale of Energy & Institutional Relations


- Energy trading in Mexico and USA

- Opening of operations from scratch in the USA,

Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Spain

- International responsibilities in companies with

sales of more than 500 million dollars per year

- Management positions in Televisa, Telefónica B2B

from Miam, Associated Civil Engineers, Grupo Cuervo, Iusacell (Vodafone, Verizon)


- Founding partner of Sabbia Telecomm, MIRE Solar, MIRE Solar LLC

- Engineer, two master's degrees MBA (ITESM) and EMBA (IPADE), Postgraduate studies in the USA in “The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania” and “Santa Clara University”

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